May 11, 2016

Highlights at the Stade de France, provide parking

Where to park to go to the Stade de France?
Stade de France

Located near Paris, in the district of Plaine Saint-Denis, the stadium of France is the big French stadium with a capacity of about 80 000 seats. It hosts many sporting events (football, rugby, athletics, car races) as well as shows (concerts, comedians, animations).

It is not uncommon for the ticket office to be sold out. These events bring together thousands of people from all over France. The town of Saint-Denis can see its population double the space of an evening. The Rider / RER, again, they are all those who are also driving. Then begins a real obstacle course to find a parking space near the Stade de France.

The parking of the Stade de France

Advantages :

  • Proche de l’enceinte

Close to the enclosure :

  • Very limited seating
  • Restrictive hours

Inaugurated on 28 January 1998 by former President Jacques Chirac, the complex has its own car park. However, be careful: only 5000 seats are available!

It is strongly recommended to reserve your parking space at the same time as your show ticket because no sale is possible on site the day of the event.

Access to the Stade de France car park

Access is via the A1 Motorways (exit 2 Stade de France) and A86 (exit 9 Saint Denis - La Plaine Stade de France).

Opening hours of the car park

The car parks are open from 8:00 to 1:00 in the morning for events taking place in the evening; and from 08:00 to 21:00 for those taking place in the afternoon.

Parking rates Stade de France

The Stade de France car park has 3 zones according to the vehicle's gauge: P1, P3 (max height up to 2.10m) and P2 (max height up to 2m).

To park in one of these areas, it will cost you 25€ per vehicle for a period between 8am and 2am after the end of the event.

Parking near the Stade de France


  • Number of places
  • 24h / 24
  • 24h and weekend price
  • Shuttle to free RER (round trip)
  • Vehicle maintenance service

Close to the enclosure :

  • 26 minutes RER ride

The Stade de France has witnessed a plethora of major events including the football World Cup 98, the Euro 2016 as well as great artists like Johnny Halliday or the Rolling Stones ... for which people have traveled from all over the world. Europe or even the whole world. At each of these events the parking spaces of the Stade de France and the city of Saint-Denis are stormed and very quickly provided.

If by chance you could not get the ticket for a parking space at the SDF, you can park your car in one of the many car parks located in the communes around the Stade de France, like Roissy. In France.

Your parking space at Airpark

For more than a decade, we have been renting parking spaces in Roissy for individuals and professionals. On an area of ​​15,000 m2, we welcome all types of vehicles (car, motorcycle, scooter). We have indoor and outdoor parking, secure 24/24.

We are located 26 minutes from the Stade de France. It will take you 30 minutes in total and for everything with the shuttle bus (included in your package) to the RER station that will take you to the stadium.

Why rent a parking space near the Stade de France?

If you come from far, you do not necessarily want or the courage to make the return journey after the show at the Stade de France. You may also want to take the opportunity to be in the Paris region to visit the capital and stay for a weekend but without facing the disadvantages of traffic Ile.

At Airpark, we are used to a customer base. This is the reason why we have plans to rent parking spaces at the weekend (and more). For a fraction of the price of parking at the Stade de France, give yourself a place for the weekend, take public transport and take the time to visit.

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