November 06, 2019

How much does parking costs to Roissy Charles De Gaulle in 2019?

Parking offers usually start with a formula of "1 to 5 days of parking" for a fee of around 50 euros.

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If you live in Ile de France, you will certainly prefer to use the means of transport to get to CDG airport. However, if you do not live in the capital and its suburbs, and you ride by car, the question arises to find where to park and the price of parking in Charles-De-Gaulle?

However, different options are available to you, more or less economical:

Summary :

Charles de Gaulle airport parking price

Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, the first European hub with 60 million passengers per year, has several car parks serving the various terminals. They are open 24 hours a day, accessible to people with reduced mobility and some are covered.

The car parks in Charles-De-Gaulle

  1. Parking P3> Terminal 3
  2. Parking P3 resa (online reservation only)> terminal 3
  3. Covered parking PAB> Terminal 2A (long-term if booking online)
  4. PCD covered parking> 2C & 2D terminals (long-term if booking online)
  5. PEF covered parking> terminals 2E & 2F
  6. Parking PG covered> terminal 2G (long-term if booking online)
  7. PW outdoor parking> terminal 2G (free shuttle / 10 minutes walk)
  8. PR outdoor parking> terminal 1 close CDGVAL shuttle (average and long-term if booking online)
  9. PX outdoor parking> access to all terminals via CDGVAL

Parking rates for Charles-De-Gaulle Airport 2019 *

A minute deposit: The first 10 minutes are free; 1 € from the 10th to the 11th minute then 0.50 € per additional minute until 1am.

Price of covered car parks close to terminals P1, P AB, P CD, P EF, PG, P3

  • 0 to 10 minutes: Free
  • 15 minutes: 3 €
  • 30 minutes: 5 €
  • 45 minutes: 7 €
  • 1 hour: 9 €
  • Until 4:15: + 2 € / 15min
  • 4h15: 35 €
  • 4:30: 36 €
  • Until 12h: 0.10cts / 15min
  • 12 to 24h: 39 €
  • 24 to 48h: 71 €
  • 2 to 3 days: 93 €
  • Beyond 3 days: 93 € + 20 € / day

Sample rates for 10 days:

  • Price without reservation: 233 € the 10 days
  • Price with reservation: 140 € the 10 days

Rates for outdoor parking Parks PR and PX (shuttle)

  • 0 to 10 minutes: Free
  • 15 minutes: 2 €
  • 30 minutes: 4 €
  • 45 minutes: 6 €
  • 1 hour: 8 €
  • Until 2:45: + 2 € / 15 min
  • 2h45: 22 €
  • 3 hours: € 22.40
  • Until noon: + 0,10 € / 15 min
  • 12 to 24h: 26 €
  • 2 to 7 days: 26,00 € + 22,00 € / day
  • Beyond 7 days: 158,00 € + 8,00 € / day
  • Beyond 30 days: 342,00 € + 50,00 € per week

Sample rates for 10 days:

  • Price without reservation: 182 € the 10 days
  • Price with reservation: 115 € the 10 days

* Non-contractual rates and subject to variations.

Cancellation possible until 24 hours before the planned date of entry.

More interesting prices in case of prolonged duration

In general, the price of the Roissy car park is around € 10 per day. However, it is rare for a traveler to leave his car for just one day. Thus, even if it is possible to park only for 24 hours, parking offers usually start with a "1 to 5 days parking" formula for a price around 50 euros.

When you choose a parking space for parking your vehicle over a long period, you usually pay a better price. Just calculate the daily price equivalence with the offers over several days and compare it with the average daily rate to compare.

For example, to leave your car in a parking lot for 10 days, you can pay up to 80 euros, or 8 euros per day. If the parking period is 2 weeks, we can offer you a rate up to 100 euros, or 7.12 euros per day. Remember that the longer the rental of your parking space, the less you have to pay for the service.

Special rates for premium car parks

There are premium parking offers at Roissy Airport that entitle you to various services in addition to parking such as cleaning and mechanical maintenance of the vehicle. These parking spaces are generally located in Roissy, close to the access doors of the terminals. Premium parking is higher than regular parking. In this regard, remember that some institutions charge more than 40 euros a day. Like conventional parking offers, the price is decreasing when the parking time of the vehicle is long.

To find out the price of your car park reservation at Roissy airport, most establishments offer travelers the opportunity to do an online simulation. By indicating the date of entry, the date of exit and various other information, they will get an estimate of the price they will have to pay.

Airpark car parks: more than parking, services and prices!

Airpark Roissy car parks have been around for more than 10 years now. We have a vast surface of more than 15 000m2 paved which can accommodate 1000 vehicles. All types of cars are welcome (city cars, sedans, suv ...) as well as motorcycles and scooters.

Our car parks are located 3 kilometers from Roissy-Charles-De-Gaulle airport, only 5 minutes from the 1,2 and 3 terminals by shuttle (free, luggage transport included)!

We offer indoor and outdoor parking, secure H24 using the latest generation camera.

We have many services at your disposal: wifi, maintenance, repair and / or cleaning of the vehicle, charging stations for electric vehicles ...

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Price of our parking Roissy

Our rates vary according to the season. Nevertheless, we are among the cheapest car parks in Roissy. You will need around

  • 40 € the weekend
  • 50 € the week
  • 75 € the 15 days
  • And up to 130 € for long-term parking for a month

As you can compare it with the examples of tariffs of the parking of the airport Charles-De-Gaulle mentioned above, we apply tariffs very largely below while also proposing you complementary services.

Because we want to make you always save more on your travel budget, we have thought of families (and groups of friends) and offer them our great deal "Solo offer". This is a 10% discount on your rental car park. To benefit from this, you or one of your family or group members is invited to bring the other people to the airport and return to Airpark, then we will drive you to your shuttle terminal. It's that simple ! We are 5 minutes from the slopes, enjoy! Consult now our parking rates near Charles De Gaulle airport.

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