March 06, 2019

To travel by shuttle in Roissy-Charles-De-Gaulle

All information on shuttles at the airport Paris-Charles-De-Gaulle

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Roissy-Charles-De-Gaulle airport is composed of 3 terminals on a total surface of 32km2. It is also a passenger traffic of 70 million people each year. Given its surface area and the growing volume of passengers passing through Europe's 2nd largest airport, access to the various terminals has been optimized over the years. Thus, the free shuttles N1, N2, CDGVAL and many others have been created to transit easily between each terminal.

Summary :

Line 1 CDGVAL: map, timetables, stations

It is also for this purpose that was inaugurated on April 3, 2007 the automatic metro line on tire "Charles de Gaulle light automatic vehicle", more commonly called CDGVAL. The two lines serve each of the terminals as well as PR and PX car parks and carry around 10 million passengers a year.

Opening hours of line 1 of the CDGVAL

  • The first line of the CDGVAL works 7 days a week
  • A shuttle bus every 4 minutes during rush hours
  • Temps approximatif du parcours de la ligne : 8 minutes
  • From 0 h 40 to 4 h, the metro is replaced by a bus

Stations served by line 1 of the CDGVAL

Station Communes served Matches
Terminal 1 Mauregard  
Parking PR Roissy-en-France  
Terminal 3 – Roissypôle RER Charles-De-Gaulle 1 Tremblay-en-France RER B
Parking PX Le Mesnil-Amelot  
Terminal 2 RER Charles-De-Gaulle 2 Le Mesnil-Amelot RER B TGV


Schedule of line 2 (LISA) of the CDGVAL

  • Line 2 "Internal Satellite Terminal Connection" or LISA connects the S3 and S4 satellites to the terminal 2E
  • Works 7 days a week
  • From 4:30 to 0:30
  • One train every 2 minutes in peak hours
  • One train every 5 minutes during off-peak hours

Warning :

  • From 4:30 to 15:30, the line serves all stations
  • From 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm, the line serves only the stations between Terminal 2E and the S3 shuttle satellite on both lanes with an extended train to S4 every 30 minutes.
  • From 17:30 to 00:30, the line operates as a shuttle between the 2E terminal and the S3 satellite on both lanes, without S4 satellite service

Stations served by line 2 of the CDGVAL

Station Communes served Matches
Satellite S4 Le Mesnil-Amelot  
Satellite S3 Le Mesnil-Amelot  
Terminal 2 Le Mesnil-Amelot  

The CDGVAL shuttle in video

Consisting of two cars, this light automatic vehicle connects the major terminals of Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport. The speed of the CDGVAL can reach up to 80km / h.

Shuttle buses (public zone) N1 and N2 from Roissy-Charles-De-Gaulle airport

The shuttle N1 serves free terminals :

  • 2A / 2C (C10 door AC link)
  • 2E (door 16), 2F (door 2)
  • 2D (door 6)
  • Parking PW
  • SNCF station (North side)
  • Luggage locker

The N2 shuttle serves the terminals free of charge :

  • Terminal 2F (gate 2)
  • Terminal 2E (stop at Terminal 2E is valid only between 21:30 and 23:00)
  • Terminal 2G (in front of the terminal)

Schedules and frequencies of the shuttle N1

  • Every 7 minutes from 04:00 to 07:30
  • Every 8 minutes from 07:30 to 01:30
  • Every 15 minutes from 01:30 to 04:00

Schedules and frequencies of the N2 shuttle

  • The N2 shuttle runs 7 days a week
  • ATTENTION: Night stop from 01h00 to 04h00

However, the line is served by a shuttle service accessible outside the stations. Dedicated signage will show you the way to the various points of transport of the shuttles.

Shuttle buses (under customs zone) for transfers

The green shuttle ensures the correspondence between the terminals :

  • T1 and T2 (AC link)

From 5 am to midnight The blue shuttle ensures all connections every link of Terminal 2 :

  • AC-2D-2E / 2F link (L-gate) - 2E (M-gate)

From 05:00 to 23:45 The yellow shuttle provides the following connections in Terminal 2:

  • T2AC to T2G and T2AC to T2E door K
  • T2G to T2E, gate K and T2G to T2AC
  • T2E, gate K to T2AC and T2E, gate K to T2G

From 5:30 am to 9:45 pm The red shuttle provides the following link within Terminal 2:

  • 2G-2E (door M)

From 5.30 am to 2.00 pm The orange shuttle connects :

  • the terminal T2F and T2G during a Schengen correspondence.

From 07:00 to 22:00 The gray shuttle is the link between :

  • the terminal T2G and T2E (L-gate) during international correspondence.

From 5:30 to 21:45

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