January 24, 2020

PW Roissy Parking

The complete guide on the PW parking of Roissy!

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Are you looking for an economical parking solution near terminal 2 of Roissy Charles-De-Gaulle airport? The Roissy PW Eco car park is available to travelers to park their vehicle.

What are the parking rates for the PW car park and what route should I take to get there by car? Where can you find alternatives if Charles-De-Gaulle parking is full?

Summary :

The PW eco car park at Roissy terminal 2

The PW car park is the closest economy car park to Terminal 2.

  • 24/7 access
  • Open-air parking
  • Long term possible
  • Video surveillance
  • Maximum dimensions accepted: height 3.50m, width 2.20m and 5.50m long
  • Space for two wheelers
  • No parking for people with reduced mobility

Airpark offers its customers the same services as the PW car park at Paris Roissy airport as well as vehicle maintenance services, charging stations for hybrid and electric cars, etc.

PW eco parking prices

PW parking is only available upon reservation. Here are the prices observed in 2019:

Duration PW Eco parking rates
Less than 10 minutes Gratuit
More than 15 minutes 2€
1 hour 8€
Up to 2h45 +2€ / 15 min
3 hours 22,40€
Up to12 hours +0,10€ / 15 minutes
2 to 7 days 26€ + 22€/day
more than 7 days 158+ 8€/day
more than 30 days 342€ + 5€ /week

Airpark car park prices are twice or even three times more affordable than those offered by ADP car parks.

As an example, even if our prices are changing, we offer 8 days of parking in Roissy for € 50 on average. See our parking rates in Roissy. We suggest that you further reduce the cost of your parking by reducing your package by 20% throughout the year with the SOLO offer.

PW parking disadvantages

To reach your boarding hall at Terminal 2 from the PW car park, you will need to take the N1 shuttle. Even if the departures are frequent (every 8 minutes), you should take into account:

  • A 20-minute trip by shuttle N1 to terminals 2A and 2B
  • A 10-minute trip by shuttle N1 to terminals 2E and 2F
  • No shuttle service for terminals 2E and 2F
  • Payment method: credit card only

Airpark's basic rates includes a shuttle service from all car parks every 15 minutes. It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round, continuously, on Sundays and public holidays: both outward and return, luggage included!

Directions to the PW car park

Address : Parking PW, 77990 Le Mesnil-Amelot

To get to and park at the PW Roissy car park from Paris, it will take you 36 minutes and 30 kilometres by taking the A1 motorway in the direction of Tremblay-en-France.

However, be sure to take the traffic conditions into consideration when you hit the road.


You can also consult our page on the different ways to get to Roissy CDG. Only 3km from the terminals, the Airpark car parks drop you and your luggage at the foot of the slopes in 5 minutes!

Roissy airport car parks near the PW Eco park

To park at CDG terminal 2, other car parks than the PW eco car park are available to users: PAB park, PCD, PEF and PG park. Others, more economical, are also available but more or less far from Terminal 2:

Reservation may be required for some car parks.

Alternative parking to airport car parks

With a few thousand flights departing from the airport, the influx is such that other car parks offer their services to meet the parking needs of passengers. These parking alternatives near Roissy CDG have significant advantages such as: a reduced distance to the terminals, a more attractive price and, for some, quality service.

Airpark is more economical than the airport parks and makes a point of delivering quality services and satisfying its customers.

10 good reasons to choose Airpark to park in Roissy

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